Robert Michael Way

Salve amici!

Welcome to the blog for The Way Law Firm, P.C., and Robert Michael Way.

I am a California native now living in Arizona and loving it.

Being married and having five children, I don’t find much time for too many things except for my family, prayer, music, martial arts, and surfing.  Apart from my primary work as a father and husband, I practice law —  and I truly enjoy it.  It is amazing how many people are touched daily.

We all have heroes right? My just happened to be the Kings great servant, but God’s first.  St. Thomas More was an upright man who was truly a great Catholic Lawyer and statesman.  

I thank my parents for my background which includes the study of Chinese martial arts (kung fu) brought to the United States by the Chin family and taught to Da Shifu Al Moore, Sr.  Having started the intense study of martial arts at age 10, in June 2009  I received the first level of a Master’s Degree (Shi Gung) 5th degree (Mantis) in Shou Shu Kung Fu.

In addition to the martial arts, my musical endeavors have included playing the violin since I was 4 years old.  In 1993, I studied music at Tanglewood Institute of Music the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  Then I went on to become the Concertmaster and principal violin of the University of San Diego Symphony and Chamber Ensemble. My teachers include Navaroj Mehta, Dr. Henri Kolar, Ph.D., and Dr. Angela Yeung, Ph.D.  After graduation, in 1997, I performed at the Orvieto Musica Festival in the Umbria region of Italy. 

From a different perspective, my work as a composer and producer includes the recordings of Zimbobway’s King Kingston Orchestra in 1998 with Jamaican arranger Carlos Malcolm.  In six days, Zimbobway’s King Kingston Orchestra recorded 24 tracks for two full length albums later mastered at Capitol Records in Hollywood, California.

Other musical sideman work has included Boitovision which featured the vocal talent of Greg Lee from Hepcat.  Prior to that I had cameos in a couple of MTV videos with Hepcat; you can see the spot here:

So there it is.

Enjoy the read and surf the topics of the law, martial arts, music, faith, and life in general.

And if you get lost, I’ll help you find your Way.


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